West Broadway Neighborhood Association House Tours

Every year in October the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA) hosts an annual House Tour. For two years now they have asked me to illustrate and brand the House Tour, each house tour having a different theme. The design is then applied to social media posts, posters, postcards, the tour booklet and the website.

WBNA House Tour 2016 - Courts & Cottages

For 2016, I used Wes Anderson as inspiration for the color scheme to capture the whimsical nature and quaintness of the houses on tour.

2016 WBNA Poster Version red
2016 WBNA Poster Version teal
2016 WBNA Poster Version cream
2016 WBNA Poster house sketches
2016 WBNA Poster house sketches 2
WBNA House Tour 2017 - From Vacant to Vibrant

In 2017 I collected many National Parks postcards while hiking through Utah and Arizona. These served as an inspiration for both color, shape and composition.

2017 WBNA Poster